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Website Design
We work on designing and turning your website responsive to provide your customers with an ease of online experience. Our web designing solutions do not only look attractive but produce great results too.

We Cover Up Everything

Your customers look for nothing but the best web experience. To ensure that their satisfaction is always met, we formulate web designs which are not just compelling but also help boost up your conversion rates. You endeavour to ECHO YOUR BRAND, and we know exactly what needs to be done.

Responsive Web Design

JR Technologies, your reliable and professional website development company in Sydney and Melbourne, we craft responsive designs which allow your site to appear enticing; regardless of whether it is visited by desktop or by mobile phones.
Your Website Will Not Go Unnoticed- That’s Our Word!

Intuitive UI for your End Users

Usability is the Queen for website designs, and it’s the 1st thing which your customers will experience. Keeping that in mind, our designers follow a specific method which focuses on you as well as your customers.
A Breezy Navigation Is What Your Clients Will Experience – We Will Make Sure Of That!

Customisation as per Project Specifics

We always aim to make your business exclusive from the rest. That is why we always adopt a customised approach for every project we undertake. To understand their requirements properly, we always make an effort to know our clients better and the audients they are targeting.
It’s Our Formula For Achieving Perfection!

Designs Which Communicate

JR Technologies always strives to craft designs which voice your business objective. For this, we don’t hesitate in taking that extra bit of time to bring about grand results for your corporate brand.
As An Extension of Your Business, Our Design Will Communicates With Your End Users and Drives In More Traffic.

We have the skilled team to deliver anything best

Our experts have a clear idea about the most recent trends, and they implement all the latest tools in their web development services to offer you the best end results. Our technical platforms include:

Streamlined Designs for Optimal Online Presence

Giving your visitors that WOW experience first up is key to bringing them back again. To achieve this, we use our streamlined designing methods to craft unique experiences for your end users. To give them all the reasons to come back again, we follow five simple but meaningful steps.


Our first step to any designing assignment starts off with an all-inclusive research work. We have immense pride in our client satisfaction record and to sustain it, we like to prepare ourselves by knowing our clientele, their business vision, market adversaries and on their particular industry. We also like to make ourselves meticulous with the new-gen trends prevailing in that industry.

Next is preparing the site’s page schematics or blueprint. In this stage, our experts try and figure out how the site will appear. Our experts also prioritise the aspects and crucial business messages which are to be seen first as soon as someone lands up on your official site. In addition to this, our experts also analyse how your site compatible and receptive it is on different devices and platforms.

The real work starts here where we take all the info gathered and begin crafting the visual appeal of your website. Using industry preferred design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver; we make a dummy site keeping in mind your customised revision and changes as per your client’s requirement.
Our designers work directly with the client to bring about those changes. It is only after our design attains a complete nod from our clientele that we move forward.

After 100% sanctioning, we move over to the site development part. Here we check the website’s performance in different screen sizes, on vivid browsers and also on different OS devices. Along with this we also work on the web server, network security configuration, client liaison, writing mark-ups and also coding to make your site a high-yielding and dynamic one.

The last step is when we move your website to your domain and make it LIVE for your end-users to visit and see. Right from this point, your company is online and ready to market your business. However, for JR Technologies, our work doesn’t end with the dispatch of your website. Rather, we believe to be with our clients all the time through our after-sales services.
With Change Being the Only Constant… we continually work with you to test the performance of your site and also make the necessary tweaks to sustain its high ranking throughout!