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The Best in the Industry – Ability to Achieve the Best
With a team of carefully chosen experts handling your projects, there is passion and integrity in all that we do while making you receive better results than expected.

The word goes like … “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” .…and so do we …

At JR Technologies, ever since our inception in 2011, we have taken the World Wide Web as the most coveted platform to let the world know about the story that our clients have to say. It is our responsibility to convert it to the “inescapable bestseller” that will be loved and appreciated by your audience from all over the world.

We Excel only when You Excel

Mankind and its tools have evolved over the years. Branding or marketing looks smarter now with the innovations. To create an impression you have to put into use the latest technological advancements as adapting to the same age old technique doesn’t yield expected results anymore.

The Internet has emerged as the latest platform for brand building and promotion. But most of the marketing that we see today fail to be effective and as a result are not able to populate more customers. Technically brilliant but bland marketing that failed to reflect the company’s true identity is not something that our clients have been looking for.

Our company, on the contrary, was built up on the epitaph of creating holistic, interactive solutions that integrate with brand identity. Our pragmatic experience coupled with our hard work and expertise take services from just an idea to the final product marrying creativity and technology seamlessly. When you excel in your business aided by the services that we provide, that is when we know that things are good.

Being one of the most aspiring web design and digital marketing organizations around, we strive for excellence in everything. The reason why we are always the No.1 choice for our clients is the fact that “We not only build links, we build relationships.”

We Deliver Innovation

When it comes to complex issues from our client’s end, we attend to it with a professional approach.
We sit and analyse to understand what they want and how they look at their business growth in the days to come. While that is done, we then come up with customised solutions to correct and improve the way a business is on a digital platform.
Whether it means coming up with the right e-commerce website, mobile applications or digital marketing, we innovate and bring about a change in the ways that you see the world.

Our values


Despite the complications involved in giving you the right solution, we are attentive of what the goal is.

Joint Effort

We believe that unless our clients and we do not put a joint effort, there is nothing that can be achieved.


While our clients trust us with their time and money, we ensure that the promises are kept with on-time work as well as the best results.

We are technically equipped to deliver all things digital for you

We excel in all digital platforms and that allows us to help you in any way that keeps your business going. Here are a few put out for you

  • SEO

  • Content Writing

  • Social Media

  • PPC

  • Website Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Mobile Apps

  • Ecommerce

Website & eCommerce

We understand the modern shopping trends and how people like to shop online instead of going out. Going by the shopping trends, we design e-commerce websites that not just allows the customers to make purchases but also giving a good platform to interact with you.

  • A complete website equipped with CMS
  • A full-fledged and functional e-commerce platform
  • Perfect web application


When it comes to following optimising aspects such as fast upload, intuitive design, safety and security, we do it all. Whenever there is a chance to come up with improvements, we do it with all that we can.

  • A/B testing
  • SEO
  • Speed optimisation
  • Code Auditing and Refining

Digital Marketing

With a specialised team helping you with digital marketing and its strategies, we strive to improve business conversions, lure traffic and ensure that you have better online visibility. With options such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Development and Marketing we ensure that the web designing and e-commerce services are taken care of.

  • Campaign strategy and implementation
  • Email marketing
  • Paid advertising management
  • Reputation management
  • Display advertising

Maintenance and support

No matter what problem you face with your website, mobile apps or the ecommerce store, we help you with it all with round the clock services. Most issues are resolved immediately and for the rest we ensure that it is taken care of at the soonest.

  • Data-driven project analysis and enhancement
  • Software upgrades and Vulnerability fixes
  • Speed optimisation