Be it passwords, bank account details, credit card information or any other secret information, Password Manager is fanatical about managing your information right from your Android device.

With Password Manager, now it's possible to store your most sensitive information without the fewer of hackers and cyber criminals. With this zero-knowledge security app, now lock your passwords instantly and keep it safe and encrypted.
Apps We Develop
  • Corporate Business App
  • Online Auctioning App
  • Cleaning Booking App
  • Car Rental Bookings
  • Tour & Travel App
  • Photographer Gallery App
  • Beauty Salon App
  • Educational App
  • Online Application App
  • Ecommerce Portal App
  • Dietician App
Access all your passwords and details with a tap of your finger
These days, remembering your several social media passwords, bank accounts, debit/credit card details and addresses by heart can be a tad too overwhelming. Precisely for this reason, Password Manager might be just the thing you are looking for. With this brand new app, you access all your passwords wherever and whenever you want; easily and without any hassle. In addition to being safe, it doesn’t require access to the internet or for that matter any other permissions. With this app, you only need to remember your master password and upon signing in you will be able to access all your details and other passwords.
App Features
  • Passwords saved in encrypted formats
  • Easy to operate
  • One tap details for passwords
  • Unlimited saving of passwords
  • Contains no ads
  • No permissions required
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