At J.R.Technologies, our social media services are aimed at helping you to know what people are discussing about you and how and when you can chime in managing and directing those conversations towards enhancing the brand awareness of your business with the help of all the latest trends and tools. Here is one of the case studies that depicts the social media marketing as conducted by us for our client Jason Stephenson. It illustrates our online marketing strategy. We use fantastic content, eye-catching and relevant graphics, video and useful offers that help us to accomplish the coveted Attract>Engage>Convert Policy of Social Media Marketing. The result is that through this you can reach about 1000 visitors per day and there is a steady flow of opportunities. Check it out and decide for yourself!
Task We Perform :
  •   We do regular Posting which helps to Increase more engagement.
  •   Post Designs with Quotation
  •   Call to Action - Phone or Social ID
  •   Using Trending Hastags
  •   Posting Strategy -
  •   Empowering Post, Entertaining, Educational Post.
  •   Youtube Video Promotions
  •   Promoting Sign Up TAB - 12 Signs Up average in a Month
  •   Creating Business Unique Hastags.
  •   Increasing Engagement.
  •   Increasing in Organic Reach.

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